My colleagues and I share a lot of knowledge, from helping out customers, to writing blogs), speaking at conferences and last but not least: we have our own magazine. If you haven’t received a printed copy somewhere, you can always download the PDF here.

Some of the articles are also available directly at this page and as this is my own blog ;) I’ll highlight one of the articles I wrote together with our Azure Functions expert Marc Duiker in magazine number 7:

>>> .NETCore.With(“vsCode”).Should().Have(“Unit Tests”) <<<

As the name suggests, it’s a guide on setting up a .NET Core project in VSCode, complete with unittests, multiple ways to run them and code coverage visualization. There is also a followup article which isn’t available online yet, but you can read it in magazine number 8. That one goes into more detail on how to set things up when you have multiple unittest projects.